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Also, the sounds of metal colliding is one of this System's appeals.

Although left rotation had only been available for Dragoon Beyblades until now, because Launchers can now launch from both the left and right side, left rotation is available for all Hard Metal System Beyblades.

Bit Protectors have a much larger role in the assembly of a Beyblade than the Bit Chip had in past Beyblades.

The Running Protector (ランニングプロテクター, Ranningu Purotekutā) is a special type of Bit Protector that is featured with the Round Shell MS. Unlike the Running Shooter included in the package, it is possible to launch Round Shell MS vertically, making it roll like a tire.

It's design is derived from the Dragon Winder and unlike the Plastic Beyblade Ripcord, all G-Winders are the same length.

G-Winders are made of stiffer plastic than past Ripcords, meaning they are thicker, firmer and more durable.

Despite this loss in size, their weight remains about the same due to the addition of metal to the AR. Smaller, more compact Beyblades will have better balance and retain their spin velocity more effectively.

When HMS was first released, some plastic Beyblades were still able to defeat them with reasonable consistency.The Attack Ring's function in the Hard Metal System remains the same however, they aren't made entirely out of plastic and now made up of two parts.These parts are the Metal Frame, which is made out of metal, and the ABS Caul.It is also the part of the Beyblade that the Dual Shooter latches onto when preparing to launch.The Bit Protector is held in place by the Running Core, so they will not fall out regardless of spin direction.

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They significantly alter the performance of Weight Disks.