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Alibris dating social customs

Appendix immigrant and passenger vessels up to 1884. Includes photographs of early Timaru and the sailing vessels: Williamson, Eulla Farmers in Business. One Hundred Years of Trading By the Canterbury Farmers Co-Operative Assoc. The escapades of the notorious Mackenzie are recounted by the man who captured him, and the same raconteur, Mr E. Seager, describes the meeting of Bishops Selwyn and Harper on board the Egmont. Contents: 1/ Timaru's Theatre Royal 2/ Timaru's Landing Services pre Harbour Construction 3/ Building the Timaru Harbour 4/ Timaru's Victorian and Edwardian Buildings 5/ South Canterbury's Rock Art Heritage 6/ Maori Chief of Waimate 7/ Stained Glass Windows within the Geraldine Anglican Parish 8/ Stock and Station Buildings in Mid and South Canterbury 9/ South Canterbury: Stone Arch Bridges 10/ St David's Pioneer Memorial Church, Cave 11/ The Houses of Mount Nessing and Opawa Stations 12/ South Canterbury's Raincliff Pioneer Park 13/ Alma Cottage, Burkes Pass 14/ Changes that Hydro Construction had on Lakes Tekapo and Pukaki 15/ Station Huts of the Godley Valley, Mackenzie Country 16/ Historic Ashburton Station 17/ Longbeach Station: Unusual Sod Cottage 18/ The 'Deserted Village' of Barrhill 19/ Huia Lodge The Pioneer is the name of a bright, monthly magazine published in Timaru by Messrs Lewis and Thomson, whose object; is primarily the supplying of an advertising medium whose circulation is absolutely guaranteed at 10,000. Mrs Williamson also loved to read, play bridge, and renovate her homes and garden. Includes biographies of the past presidents with a photo of each. Glen Innes and Rosemary Moran have compiled a book with photographs of the participants taken at the time, some photos of their earlier lives, brief biographies and anecdotes from the interviews that encapsulate aspects of how Fairlie was in days gone by. Old photos of stations of the Mackenzie Country, people, early Timaru, pupils of Adair School, 1892 etc. The train travelled down the loop and crashed into the Samson post at the backshunt at the High St crossing. Invercargill : Southland Historical Committee, 1956 NZ Collection. Timaru Herald August 11 2009 Keith Bartholomew has nearly finished revising the 1975 publication The Streets of Timaru, by JB Hamilton a reference book outlining how Timaru's streets were named. Social aspects Electricity Corporation of New Zealand. from Cumberland in 1851 with his two brothers, John, who had just left Oxford University, and Paul, not yet twenty. It confirms an opinion I have long held that New Zealanders are interested in the story of their own land." PART 1: The Land Before the White Man came Shepherds Shearers Wagoners Roadmakers Swaggers Explorers Community Centres Snowstorms Erosion Writers & Artists Memorials Flora Geology Part 2: Run history: Lake Ohau stations: Appendix: (Diary extracts, Mt Cook Rd Board, Mackenzie County Council, They helped to Pave the Way: climbers, surveyors, bullock drivers, coach drivers, mailmen, horse wagoners, shearers. In 2005, when the book was published, some of their nearly 3000 descendants still lived in South Canterbury, though many more have spread throughout NZ and the world. The fifteen chapters contain information on the Raes, the Irvines, Simon Rae and Mary Irvine, and each of their children and their families - Robert Rae and Mary Ann Goodwin, William Rae, James Rae and Eliza Griffin, Rachel Rae and Samuel Goodwin, John Rae, Thomas Rae, Adam Rae and Bridget Heney, Jessie Jane Rae, George Rae and Mary Stevens, Mary Rae and Christopher Johnstone, Simon Rae and Agnes Johnstone, and Helen Rae and John Heney. The road, a pale stripe in the landscape, pointed sown the centre of the plateau and then far ahead forked towards the mountain ramparts.

List of early settlers and immigrants 1850s and 1860s. Crown Consolidated Annual report; Volumes: 1st (1894)-87th (1980) Down Memory Way from Land's End in my Mother's Day to what I saw of Timaru as I knew it was Right to Caroline Bay - recollections of Eliza Thompson (nee Sis Brehaut), 1987 [Families of William and Mary HOSKING and James and Sarah BREHAUT] Spinning Yarns: A Centennial History of Alliance Textiles Limited and its predecessors - G J Mc Lean [comprehensive, includes many names ] Stratheona - training School of Home Arts (located near the Te Ngawai River, Pleasant Point) 1938-1961. Canterbury - Old and New 1850 to 1900 published under the auspices of the New Zealand Natives Association includes a chapter on the Rise of South Canterbury by Mr E. Sir John Hall tells of the founding of the first homestead south of the Rakaia and north of Timaru. Including the towns of Timaru, Temuka, Geraldine, Pleasant Point, Fairlie, and Waimate, their surrounding country districts, and the Mackenzie Country. She had a great love of writing and was an active member of the South Canterbury Writers' Guild for many years. : a history of rugby in Geraldine, 1878-1973 (1975) Hearts Hands and Voices, a history of the Anglican church in Geraldine and surrounding district (1978) Farmers in business: One Hundred Years of Trading by Canterbury Farmers Co-operative, Timaru and Branches (1980) On My Honour, a history of early scouting years with the Geraldine troop 1910-1931 (1983) End of an Era 1964-1989: A history of the final 25 years of administration of Timaru Hospital by the South Canterbury Hospital Board (1994) She was awarded an OBE in 1991, was appointed a JP in 1978 and worked as a marriage celebrant from 1982 to 1988. The funeral service was held in St Mary's Anglican Church, Talbot Street, Geraldine on Saturday 6th March at 11 am followed by a private burial. 334pp Printed by Rangiora Print, 3 Blake St, Rangiora. One of the projects that celebrated Fairlie's 150 Years in 2016 was the recording of the oral histories of a number of long term residents of the township. 140x225mm, 164 pages plus many illustrations, mostly photographs from her own albums. geography, a short historical picture of the Mac Kenzie Basin Country, from the man after whom the region was named, climatology, flora and imported fauna, travel & accommodation, the working collie dog, birds, animals etc. Mr Carlyle rode his cycle to the north end of the station yard and just had time to reverse the track and make a hurried exit over the fence into Wards paddock before the train reached Temuka. He was educated at Timaru Boys� High School and graduated BA and LLB from Victoria University in 1913. ranges from engineering statistics and maps to details of family life, community events and clubs ... The maps and illustrations, and the full bibliographical and reference details make the book a useful starting-point for further studies; and the author has deposited even more detailed reference in the Library of the University of Canterbury. 47 b/w photos, sketch/map e/papers, fold out statistics sheet for sheep stations. Preface to 2nd edition "The sale of the first edition in a fortnight (2000 copies) was a surprise and a compliment. Simon and Mary had five more children after their arrival in NZ and the family eventually settled in Scotsburn, near Peel Forest. He looked back, the cloud curtain lolled a little way over the mountain barrier and that was all there was to be seen of it. He looked at the mountain ring that curved sickle wide to the right and left of the plateau."It's a new world," he said.

During World War II, after her father's death, Mrs Williamson began her working life as a window-dresser and trained in corsetry. Published by the author 'The Gables' Timaru in March 1964. Endpapers - The first advertising brochure for Mount Cook. Little did she think that time would turn her dislike into deep affection, and that instead of staying for the compulsory five years residence she would remain for forty-five, and that on the very ground on which she then stood she would eventually see beautiful crops of lucerne grown by her son who was born about two years after her arrival. He built a darkroom at the Hermitage and his new wife Nora Quinn did much of the developing and printing. Harry Ayres: Mountain Guide 1982 Whitcoulls 160pp hb The story of New Zealand's greatest mountain guide: a teacher of Sir Edmund Hillary (who wrote the forward) and eventually, in the mid 50s, the chief ranger of the Mount Cook National Park. Mount Cook National Park Handbook (1959) Edited by W. This did not stop Temuka from progressing along its energetic way towards becoming a prosperous town. Parry, Gordon - Hakataramea hundred: a brief history of the activities in New Zealand of the New Zealand and Australian Land Company Ltd. : South Canterbury Centennial: The Timaru Herald commemorative issues, nos. John Wilson, BA 1964 and MA 1966 Canterbury and recently Ph D at Harvard was honoured by the Canterbury History Foundation for his long-applied energy in raising public interest in history. It is in the southern half of the South Island that the majority of truly great runs are maintained. The driver changed down and the engine whinned and roared. The head of the Pass was an open square of piercing blue.

She was eligible for the Commonwealth Games but the war intervened. Her first sight of the barren tussock-covered country filled her with dismay. Adamson took over and also continued his guiding work. The home of one of the men working at Parr's flourmill near Kerry town was washed away and a mother and daughter were drowned. History for the Waitaki River and the three lakes - Tekapo, Pukaki and Ohau. Note: Supplements to The Timaru Herald, 1959, Friday, September 22, 1961. The result is a story which, told with a high countryman's understanding of and affection for country matters. "Jet-black and lowering," he said, "but there's a good smell in the air.""Watch ahead."The passenger dutifully peered through the rain-blinded windscreen and saw nothing to justify the driver's prediction but only a confusion of black cones whose peaks were cut off by the curtain of the sky. The road now hung above a gorge through whose bed hurried a stream, its turbulence seem but not heard at that height. "The mountain tops had marched away to the left and right.

A history of Te Moana and Four Peaks / [author and publisher, D. Her civic career developed from her community involvement. It is well bound and offers a huge amount of research to the various properties, detailing each from settlement to current owners/occupiers. Pioneering in the Mackenzie demanded a stout heart, a strong constitution, and a sense of humour. Adamson had bought his stores from local people and he did not have receipts. To mark the first ascent of Mount Cook, Christmas Day 1894" Review 'Neglected first conqueror of Mt Cook' The Press, 1995 Jan. Contains photos, maps on end pages and a list of his climbs and the parties from 1933 to 1975. The Hermitage Years of Mannering & Dixon : the beginnings of alpine climbing in New Zealand and the birth of the New Zealand Alpine Club Inc. Some are descended from early settlers down to the third and fourth generation, and most are satisfied with their lot and do not want to leave it. Twizel : the town with a million dollar view : the inside story. For the past 19 years he has edited the national magazine of the Historic Places Trust and its Canterbury regional newsletter., Canterbury NZ Part of the old Waimate estate. "The maps and illustrations and full bibliographical and reference details make the book a useful starting point for further studies; the author has deposited even more detailed references in the library of the University of Canterbury - suitable for photocopying." Robert Pinney b. In a moment it was behind them and they locked down into another country.

"Outcome of the centennial of Te Moana School held over Easter weekend 1992"--P. Seeking independence, she moved to work in Geraldine, where she met her husband Bill. The launching of the book was held at Peter and Shirley Quantock's homestead 'Raincliff Station'. "Mrs Hosken and her young carpenter husband drew Simons Hill station in a land ballot, and after selling their home they had built in Ashburton, they set out to pioneer in New Zealand's high country. The government bought The Hermitage in 1895 but gave Adamson no authorisation for hiring additional staff or buying food. When bosses in Wellington demanded to see the accounts, there were none. Ayres and Hillary made a number of notable first ascents, including the south ridge of Mount Cook and the last unclimbed 10,000ft, Mount Magellan. The 9,000 people who live in the Gearldine Country (as in 1955). with special reference to 100 years of progress at Hakataramea Station Authors Gordon Parry, New Zealand and Australian Land Company Publisher New Zealand and Australian Land Company, 1968 43 pages Shackleton, Bernice E., 1901- The Fifth Schedule : the story of Waimate's open community hospital, 1874-1975. It is his local history work, assistance to other writers, inspiring support for preserving historic buildings and sites, lectures, articles and for his publishing enterprise that Dr Wilson is being awarded the Foundation's A C Rhodes History Medal. Particulars of disposal and occupation of 882 acres, 6 perches, open on Monday, 26th Feb. Contents: Location Map Foreword Mount Peel Mesopotamia Orari George Down The Clayton Road Gray's Hills Godley Peaks Glen Lyon Cattle Country of The South West- The Cook River Country Cattle Country Of The South West- The Nolan Country Hakataramea Waitangi Otematata The Omarama Country The Anderson Story Morven Hills The Wanaka Country The Matukituki Country Kyeburn Shag Valley Traquair Rocklands The Far South East The Glenorchy Country Mount Nicholas Walter Peak Nokamai Davie Gunn's Country Mavora Mount Linton - The Greatest of Them All Bibliography Index Lookup. Pieces of shingle banged violently on the underneath of the car."Hullo! As they reached it the black cloud drew back like a curtain.

CFCA Farmers in Business, 100 Years of Trading, Timaru and Branches Contents: Co-operative Trading Farmers in Business Establishment The Stock and Station Agency Company Organisation Into the Twentieth Century In Search of Markets 1900-18Years of Adversity 1918-28The Depression 1930-37Trading and War 1937An Era of Change The Tenth Decade 1970-80The Geraldine Branch The Waimate Branch 1903The Fairlie Branch 1911The Temuka Branch 1920North Otago Staff and their Memories Chairmen and Directors General Managers Auditors Solicitors Directors 1880-1980 Timaru: The Association, 1894-1980. Unclimbed New Zealand - by John Pascoe: Alpine travel in the Canterbury and Westland Ranges, Southern Alps Records of the Highfield Bowling Club, which closed in August 2004. Mrs Williamson had a long involvement with the Geraldine Red Cross. E At Christchurch (Formerly of Geraldine) and loved wife of the late Henry William Walter (Bill) Williamson. Published by the Mackenzie A & P Society, Fairlie 1998. Ross-Shire, Scotland in 1860, came to NZ in 1867 1906 Charles William Ensor 1907 William Dixon b. Cotterell, Janet published 2018 at Heartland's Resource Centre Fairlie. Maps show historic locations mentioned in the book; original sheep runs; farm blocks, houses and landowners as at 18. The bygone days and ways of South Canterbury described by the author who had lived in the region all her life when she was a child living in Timaru and Adair. On his return to the office, he was in the process of handing over to Mr J Torrance, the officer on duty for the next shift, when the stationmaster at Winchester phoned to advise that after the train locomotive had been detached to allow shunting to be carried out, the rear portion of the train had moved and was fast returning to Temuka, a distance of approximately four miles, and a downhill gradient of 100 metres. Mr Frederick Hall-Jones (1891-1982) s/o of Sir William Hall-Jones, Liberal MP for Timaru and in 1906, Prime Minister. His own New Zealand sheepfarming experience, coupled with an English upbringing that enables him to visualise and understand the home background of the pioneer settlers; and his fondness for cricket, coupled with a keen appreciation of the humorous side of early station life, have enabled him to leaven his narratives with any amount of curious and comical detail. Part one covers the general history and development of the area, the second seven prominent Mackenzie Country stations. Simon was contracted by John Cracroft Wilson to shepherd on his Cracroft Station, on the northern banks of the Rangitata River. The passenger again lowered the window, which was still wet but steaming now, in the sun.

81Timaru and South Canterbury New Zealand, 1950 : the city and the province today with some interesting glances at the past. The December number contains an editorial, a seasonable poem by Mr Johannes C. Glass, 15 Richard Pearse Drive, Temuka 8752, ISBN: 0473025264 (pbk.) 136 pp Albury and district, 1850-1994. Cricklewood Tales of Connor "Breed" South Canterbury. The story of the Connor family in South Canterbury, and all those mixed up with them; those friends and relatives from Fairlie and Timaru, but especially the Albury and Cricklewood kids, with illustrations/photographs. Included loose: folding Information brochure about Peel Forest Park, with maps. 1900): a 42-bullock team pulls away 78 bales of wool The opening of Barnard Street Primitive Methodist Church, Werry s Hotel, Timaru Rosina and Henry Dunstan Rosina (Mrs Dunstan) and her first baby The author s family. Rodolph Wigley, Entrepreneur 15 The Legendary Mick Bowie 16. " He then went to the Crown Hotel, had a drink and departed! and from recent explorations by Dr Haast & Dr Hector by J. Browning, Survey Office ; drawn by Alfred Jarman, Survey Office, Christchurch; Christchurch [N. The 1975 edition has 248 entries, and Mr Bartholomew has added 126, although some of those are cross-referencing earlier street names to their modern-day equivalents. This book presents the heritage of Timaru & South Canterbury through over 200 photos, sketches & plans with detailed captions & an introductory essay. Section One; Colour art frontis, 55 b/w photos, pictorial front e/papers, city map rear e/papers, Section two: 28 b/w illustrations, mainly contributor's sketches/drawings. The First Day Fire and Water Tension Mounts Pressures Amenities Airport, Fire Bridge, Reserves Gas Lighting Swimming Street names Power The Hundred Years Appendix Index Selbie, Len. Reference: Gillespie's High Endeavour: the Story of the Mackenzie Country; Dedicated to The discoverer, runholders, explorers, surveyors, boundary-keepers, shepherds, wagoners, packmen, shearers, shedhands, cooks, rouseabouts, rabbiters, roadmen - and to the women of the Mackenzie Country. With them you relive their fears and hopes, sorrows and joys, their failures and their successes in taming a wilderness". 16 March 2013 There were so many of them on the Levels Plain that their settlement was called Kerrytown. The Brosnahan family transfer to New Zealand was complete. One would have said that these must be the ultimate expression of loftiness, but soon the clouds parted and there, remote from them, was the shining horn of the great peak, the Cloud Piercer, Aorangi. In 1936 she became the South Canterbury Athletics Club high-jump champion with a jump of 4 foot 11 3/4 inches (152 centimetres). The Battle with the Bunnies [Information on a rabbiter's life - Fred Smith] 13. A Most Reverent Little Church Maxwell, James Discovering this Emerald South Canterbury with James Maxwell. Adamson had been working at The Hermitage for five years when manager Frank Huddleston retired. Centenary of Geraldine and Temuka Districts 1855-1955 historical survey and programme of celebrations. By daylight the whole of the plains had become a lake from the hills to the sea, with a few islands left here and there. The footbridge across the Temuka River was washed down to Milford and the debris lined the seashore. 30 page book about the Benmore power project featuring many photos and text of the construction and people of the time. : Craig Printing ; Waimate Historical Society, 1984. Published Timaru: Timaru Herald, 1959 Waimate: The Daily Advertiser, 1961. Illustrated hard cover - 1st edition AW & AH Reed 1975- 260 pages - b/w photographs Newton selects and describes some of the country's most outstanding sheep stations, their histories and stock, drawing on the memories of surviving old timers. Though their tops were shrouded by a heavy mask of cloud, the hills about the Pass grew more formidable. ""Take a look at the sky, sir."The passenger wound down his window for a moment and craned out. She attended Timaru Girls' High School, excelling in basketball and athletics. Maxwell, James When feeding the hungry multitudes / illustrated by Bob Darroch, 1940-. His interest in the mountains and climbing quickly saw him start guiding the Hermitage's visitors. Inside back cover - glued in fold out map of the Park and adjacent region. The Land We Love: the story of Geraldine and Temuka Districts; 1956 pamphlet. At 4 o'clock on the afternoon of February 2, rain commenced. The Waimate Museum holds the copyright and still sells the book for . being some of the many poems inspired by the beauty of Waimate, South Canterbury, N. Lots of early history with two fold out maps of Aclands early runs and a detailed map of Canterbury. Beyond this a system of foot-hills, gorges, and clumps of Pinus insignis steeped down into a plain fifty miles wide, a plain that rose slowly as its horizon mounted with the eyes of the mounting passengers. " suggested the passenger on the front seat."Going out of it, you mean," rejoined the driver."Do I? She then became one of the first 12 women mayors in New Zealand. 1950 1915 Alfred Ernest Gillingham 1916 Samuel Dale b. Z.) Notes "Booklet is not a complete chronological account of Allandale ... Brief Maori history of the Waitohi area along the Opihi river, their way of life, cave shelters used in hunting expeditions and cave drawings The first Europeans, early farmers and settlers, with brief family histories. Cook and the reflection in Lake Pukaki is Heaven sent." : Wellington : Reed, [1968 1st ed.] South Canterbury social life and customs.164 pp : illus. Her earlier book "Life on a Five Pound Note" told of life in the Mackenzie country. More than 30 years later they moved to Greymouth where the couple lived for the rest of their lives. Piercing the clouds : Tom Fyfe, first to climb Mount Cook / John Haynes. Approx 500 pages and 300 photographs that record 150 years of residency in Temuka. This resulted in a large numbers of residents keen to share their early memories of events; floods, fires, accidents and so on. Train No 246 (Timaru Ashburton Mixed) arrived at Temuka at approximately 12.30pm, and after the discharge of parcels etc from the van and several cases of fish from the perishable wagon, the train proceeded to Winchester. Alphabetically arranged and meticulously documented. The book is a splendid survey of the pastoral and economic history of the area. Vance spent 20 years researching for this history of NZs historic Mackenzie Country and a fine publication both in content and presentation resulted. (George Rutherford, 1815-1885) The Rutherfords owned the Albury stations of Opawa and Mount Nessing and the Mackenzie run 'The Mistake' station. Simon and Mary were both born in the Scottish Borders, Simon in Dumfriesshire, and Mary in Roxburghshire, though they lived for about 20 years in Ross-shire in the Scottish Highlands, where they met, married, and began their family. Many miles apart, patches of Pinus insignis or Lombardy poplars could be seen and these marked the solitary homesteads of the sheep farmers. She also chaired the Geraldine Red Cross and was mayoress during her husband's time as mayor and then councillor and deputy mayor. 1863 1912 William Bray - brother of John Bray 1913 Arthur Lowny Dobson (1886-1946) 1914 John Davidson d. Allandale Country Women's Institute (Allandale, Mackenzie District, N. It brings to life an intriguing band of personable settlers who have included two alpine explorers, New Zealand's first aviator, several champion sportsman, artists, writers, off beat musicians, no less than five inventors of agricultural machinery, a MP and a book of colourful characters. Addition to personal memoirs, a brief history of high-country runs, some of the grandeur of life as it was in the early Mackenzie Country and Mt Cook region and many are the humourous tales of shearers, shepherds and swaggers..." "The winters here are more beautiful than the summers, the snow reaches the foot of Mt. In 1902 the family headed to Central Otago where Adamson worked on gold dredges. From swampy land covered in bush and cabbage trees, the hard times and setbacks, early settlers, to a town, Temuka, now has a history book. Anybody and ever person with a connection to Temuka and probably anybody researching family history from this region would be interested in this book. The committee members were allocated various organisations such as the Pipe Band, Rugby Club, Bowling Club and others to invite them to write their own articles, and provide us with as many relevant photos as possible. TRAIN DERAILMENT, HIGH ST, TEMUKA, 8TH APRIL, 1938 (as told by Selwyn Whitfield to Joan Gray). Albury Ashwick Balmoral Ben Ohau Birch Hill Black Forest Braemar Cannington Elephant Hill Glenmore Glentanner Grampian Hills Grays Hills Hakataramea Hakataramea Downs Haldon Hunters Hills Irishman Creek Lake Ohau Lilybank Marys Range The Mistake Mount Cook Mount Nessing Opawa Rhoborough Downs Richmond Rocky Point Rollesby Sawdon Sherwood Downs Simons Pass Station Peak Tasman Islands Te Akatarawa Tekapo Three Springs Waitangi Whalesback The Wolds In 1930 L. As he admitted, his coverage was not complete and, in particular, Acland expressed the hope that his friend T. Burnett would compile the histories of the Mackenzie Country and certain other South Canterbury runs. In this book Mr Pinney gives the history of the forty runs concerned. Includes William Lewis's diary of the journey from Plymouth to Timaru aboard the Opawa in 1877-1878. Index of persons in A history of the Coles family 1874-1974 published in 1976: Somerset to South Canterbury. Upon the plateau and the foot-hills, up to the level of perpetual snow, grew giant tussocks, but there were no forests.

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Button said the columns came out of the books he had already written, or from his research for those books, of which he has written more than 20. There is also an account of 19th century New Zealand prisons.

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