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Before independence, the French alternatively promoted the Issa and the Afar; that divisive policy contributed to postcolonial conflicts.

France created Djibouti as a colony and super-imposed a centralist state structure on local pastoral societies.

The vegetation consists mainly of desert shrubs and acacia trees. The traditional mode of life was nomadic pastoralism, in which state borders were not recognized.

A political crisis occurred with the 1991 armed rebellion of the Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (FRUD), a largely Afar movement that conquered a major part of the country.

This crisis pressured the government into opening the political system and holding multiparty elections in 1992.

The soil is rocky and sandy and lies on volcanic layers.

In the hot and humid climate, rainfall is very low.

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It is ethnically diverse, and there are significant numbers of expatriates, including Europeans (mainly French) and Arabs (mainly Yemenis).