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The double-baffle porting system gave the amp what Hull described as “the creamiest tone.” At the time, combo amps were the norm, with all components housed in a single cabinet, but heat from the electronics often caused the amp to overheat and made the speaker fail.Separate head and speaker cabinet systems, often referred to as piggybacks, became a solution in the early 1960s, but it also negated the portability of the combo.Don't know what the X is but if it's a '92 then it's a US made cab. Apr 30, Thanks, in terms of emailing ampeg do ampeg dating recommend their general customer service email or is there a better route?

The company also reissued the B-15N Portaflex with blue check covering in 1995.

While Ampeg founder Everett Hull didn’t reach the success that Leo Fender achieved, they were two of the most innovative men in the guitar industry between the 1940s and 1960s.

Hull created an upright bass pickup by mounting a transducer on an extended peg that was inserted into the body of the bass.

Ampeg introduced a variety of guitar, bass, and accordion amplifiers throughout the 1950s, and in mid-1956, he hired Jess Oliver, who became Hull’s right-hand man through most of the 1960s and is mainly responsible for designing the Portaflex.

Ampeg was always trying to perfect the tone of their amplifiers and Oliver began experimenting with designs such as a double-baffle porting system and a closed-back reflex cabinet.

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There are a few things to note about Ampeg production from this time.

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