Aquarius and cancer dating Rebna xxx

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Aquarius and cancer dating

Of course, the compassion is directed in different directions – Cancer will move heaven and earth to protect and minister to their loved ones, while Aquarius will happily ignore loved ones in order to carry out good deeds for the underprivileged.They do admire one another’s efforts, though, and in a long term relationship will work together to care for – well, everyone!

With such a basic mismatch on an emotional level, what is it that attracts these two signs together?

It’s worth remembering that these two zodiac signs are from different elements.

When you’re dealing with an air sign like Aquarius, love compatibility is often more unspoken than explicit. In the beginning, at least, there will be the odd bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine, but it won’t be long before Aquarius feels that it no longer needs saying.

What is Aquarius and Cancer compatibility based on?

Both signs are exceptionally caring, and it’s this shared compassion which may well draw them together in the first place.

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This is where Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is going to need some compromise.