Ashley dating hardy massaro matt picture

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Ashley dating hardy massaro matt picture

Then Moore had his follower who would later join, Crash Holly (Michael Lockwood), which Moore would call his "Moore-on".

The stable would later being disbanded after Crash was release and Matt would move back to Raw to continue with the storyline with girlfriend Lita.

I tell her that she really is psycho and just to back off. Trish was out of it as she looked over and saw Edge was in the ring.

I then walk away," Trish said."Wow," Lisa Marie said."Oh my god. There was fire in the eyes of the Canadian Diva and her old rival, Lita."Well, old feuds stare each other down," King said. Lita ended up knocking Trish down and going for a pin. She tried to make it over to tag John, but Edge grabbed onto her."No, Edge!

Later, Hardy would return to the WWE on Raw, facing Edge.

Their final confrontation was in a ladder match (which Edge never lost) and whoever loses, would leave Raw.

He and I start flirting and say that our tag match is strictly business. So I think you could consider us dating," John said. Stacy heard from Randy that you and John were staying in Atlanta to spend time together," Torrie said."Yeah, what's up? She put her stuff down at an empty cubby next to Torrie's stuff. We got to know each other better as well," Trish said."Did you guys get sexual? John was in his locker room when he got a sudden knock on the door. Trish is like the girls of my dreams and I don't wanna do anything to mess things up with her. I'm glad that you're taking it slow," Randy said."I think I'm falling in love with her, dawg. She got to her feet and hugged Stacy."Hi," Stacy said dumbfounded. The other person that was sitting with Ashley and Matt was Matt's brother and one of Trish's old loves and boyfriends, Jeff Hardy."Figures, I have a fun and great time with someone I really like and an ex shows up an hour later," Trish thought."Wow, Jeff, it's been a long time," Torrie said."Hey," Jeff said. "Stacy and Lisa Marie, good to see you," Jeff said."Mmm hmm," The two said. " Stacy, Torrie, and Ashley called."What was that all about? He was going to get what he wanted and what he wanted was Trish. But if you get wished good luck by the WWE Champion you'd get a better boost of confidence," John said. And you're right you wishing me luck does give me a boost of confidence, but not from you being the WWE Champion. She then suddenly kissed John on the cheek and walked away.

Before going into the WWF (Now WWE) along with his brother Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz (or the Haryz) ran their own promotion called Organization of Modern Extreme Arts (OMEGA) wrestling, in which Matt went into as High Voltage.

The Hard Boyz, as their were referred, used a cruiserweight (someone who use acrobatic styles but usually one who is 6'1" or under and weighs less than 215lbs) fast-paced high flying style in their matches, doing damage to their opponents.

Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz) then became their manager, who then guide them to win the WWF(E) Tag Team Titles.

Mat was nineteen and Jef was sixteen when both have joined back in 1993.

it was until 1998 they were given full-time contracts as a tag team.

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A side from the whole storyline it was all stupid and crazy."Okay, so I'm supposed to be getting ready for my tag match. The referee was busy trying to break John and Edge up. Lita got nailed with a chick kick and Trish went for the pin. Five more of my friends are going to be excited enlightened by this new information," Jennifer said."I'm sure Randy and Stacy would be glad to hear that," Trish said."So are you two dating in real life too? I promise you'll have a great time," John said."Sounds good. Trish got to the Women's Locker Room and she opened the door and walked in. " Lisa and Torrie chorused."How are the make out secessions? " Trish and Torrie yelled as they ran over and hugged their best friends."Hi," Stacy said hugging them both."Oh I missed you, girl," Trish said."I missed you too. There they saw Ashley sitting with Matt Hardy and one other person. I've got back with one of my old girlfriends," Jeff said."Glad to hear that," Trish said. So did Jericho and Christian," Matt said."Well, now Trish is off somewhere upset! I don't have the feelings for you that I thought I had," Trish said."Trish, please don't do this! He had finally gotten his change to be with her and then it was suddenly taken away from him. Trish was wearing a black spaghetti strap tank top that had hot pink ribbon tying in the front and she black pants. She had had her hair in pink tails all day."Yo, Trish! Trish stopped in her tracks and turned to see John. "Hey John," Trish said."Hey," John said walking up to her and smiling."What's up? My match with Mickie is up next," Trish said."I know. When she got into the ring she walked over to the side the ring where the camera was and held up her title. Trish then walked over to the opposite side of the ring and held up her title. Trish looked at her."I think it should be known that you haven't heard the last of me, Trish. Trish walked over to the side of the ring and asked for a microphone.

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