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Austin and courtney biggest loser dating

That night, the Black team got picked up in a limo and drove to Hollywood to enjoy their night out.They shared dinner and drinks together and discussed their lives and the progress they had made so far in the competition.In addition, Irene started off the week weighing 170 pounds and dropped to 164 pounds, losing four pounds. Ken Andrews, a 49-year-old pastor from Pasadena, CA, lost four pounds after he fell from 257 pounds to 253 pounds.Moses' daughter Kaylee Kinikini, a 20-year-old student from Shelley, ID, dropped from 169 pounds to 168 pounds after she only lost one pound.She started off the week weighing 172 pounds and dropped to 168 pounds after she lost four pounds, while Jay started off the week weighing 276 pounds and fell to 270 pounds after he shed six pounds.Rulon dropped from 325 pounds to 318 pounds, losing seven pounds over the week. Olivia fell from 176 pounds to 174 pounds after she lost only two pounds, while Moses dropped to 286 pounds from 293 pounds after he shed a total of seven pounds.

However, the catch was that he taught them a lesson about how to lower their caloric intake in a meal that would normally serve as their favorite unhealthy option.Bob and Jillian were distraught over the weigh-in's outcome, as well as Cara, but Cara was even more heartbroken by the news that was yet to come.Alison then told all the contestants and trainers that Brett would also be done in the competition, as he had no Red team members left to train.Alison explained that each team would be given a flag, and the team to plant it closest to a distance of one mile from their starting point would win the challenge.Along the way, the contestants were told they would come across over 100 little black squares marking the path.

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The Blue team members -- Hannah's sister Olivia Ward, a 35-year-old opera singer and plastic surgery office manager from New York, NY; Moses Kinikini, a 47-year-old garage door installer from Shelley, ID; and Irene Alvarado, a 26-year-old student from Portland, OR -- came in a close second, as they were only off by four feet.

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