Be sexy get paid to chat

Posted by / 23-Mar-2020 08:31

Don’t think in the traditional “I sell, people buy” business model.This is 2015, and the way that businesses monetize traffic online is totally different than what you may think. This quickly growing market creates marketplaces and matches influencers (That’s you if you have a decent social audience) with products, brands and services that would be relevant for your audience.It’s Ok If You Have An Ego As my girlfriend say’s “You keep your ego in very good check.” That’s really the important part, right?Well, that and building an audience that can turn a profit for you.What Everyone Misses You have brands you love already right?Find out if they have ambassador program you can be a part of.Everyone loves talking trash about all of those Instagram accounts of half naked women that have a bunch of followers, right?

So if you’ve got something valuable to say, leave a comment, that puts you on their radar. (I’ve done it a few times, it works if you are visible enough) This one only works if the company is small enough for them to notice, or if you want to use the fact that you’re a customer when writing to them.See if you have any relevant friends on Linked In and asked to get introduced.If you’ve got someone that knows them, ask for the introduction.Eventually the list can become an asset, and brands start looking for influencers in the marketplace for products to be placed and brands to be represented.One of the best examples of what I’m talking about is Maria

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