Build a dating site with drupal

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Build a dating site with drupal

Unless you already know the specific reasons why you need what Drupal offers, sticking with Word Press will likely make your web journey much easier.

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You can extend both Word Press and Drupal with add-ons that affect both: In a perfect world, both Word Press and Drupal are secure systems.

But in the real world (with real people’s update habits and penchant for third-party solutions), Drupal often ends up being more secure.

While Drupal themes do exist, most Drupal websites sport a custom-coded theme, or at least a highly customized theme.This is probably the question you came here looking for…but it’s also a flawed question because it’s impossible to say whether Word Press or Drupal is “better”.Instead, a more helpful question to ask is “which is better for this specific website that I’m building? That is – you should focus on choosing the right tool for your specific project, not looking for a proclamation that one is always better than the other.We do managed Word Press hosting here – so it would be easy to say that Word Press is always the best solution.But that wouldn’t be a fair conclusion for our readers.

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