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Note: Tutorial, thesis or dissertation projects involving human subjects conducted to meet the requirement of an academic degree are usually considered generalizable, and require IRB review and approval.

The IRB ensures that the benefits and risks of research are uniform across all subjects, and that research involving vulnerable populations such as children is extensively evaluated to ensure compliance.Please double-check the URL, or try our site search at the top-right corner of this page.Chatham University is a fully co-ed, private institution determined to help students think outside the box.You must make as certain as possible that the child understands that he or she has a free choice in their decision to participate.The child must give you a positive affirmation of his or her interest in participating.

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Mere failure to object should not be construed as assent. To ensure that the Chatham investigators comply with federal and university regulations, it is important that the University, through the IRB, be aware of where and by whom such research is being conducted. If your protocol has been approved at another university, you will need to provide the Chatham IRB with a copy of the approved protocol, consent document, survey instrument, and approval letter.

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