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My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two years now. And once you all settle down sometimes one or the other feels too comfortable with one another that's it's just..I think we have had a wonderful relationship thus far, and he has even said so himself. However, lately, I have been worried that we may be losing the "spark" that our relationship always had. Your not alone to feel this way, because it happens to almost everyone.He used to be very spontaneous, and now as time has passed, it seems like he does not feel it necessary to show me a good time anymore. He would make me feel more wanted and beautiful than anyone ever could. This whole "lack of spark" has made me feel incredibly frustrated and depressed. My boy-friend and I are 37 and 29 and we have been together for 3 years. Do this even if you are in different states or countries. Saying “I love you” doesn't deepen a connection unless it’s accompanied by actions.

when i say i doubt our relationship, i mean ive considered breaking up with him at times because im unhappy and maybe he might realize what he has once its gone, or a more complicated version would be for him or i to move out. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2yrs and he's 40 and I'm 34. In our culture we tend to get so serious and think that if an activity is not goal-directed it has no purpose or meaning.

tell him how much you love him and what he means to you. Discover that in spite of all the time you have spent together, you still don’t know each other.

once u do this even if u have to do it many times, you can tell him abt this "problem"... And-not to stereotype here-but a lot of guys tend to get a bit lazy in the relationship once they're comfortable. My boyfriend and I just started taking a swing dancing class (despite his adamant protests lol)and we both ended up having an amazing time. I'm sure he's not bored with you or your body (everyone goes through dry spells), but maybe try getting a little kinky just to revive the spark. If you don’t live together, or are not together for whatever reason, talk on the phone after you climb into bed.4) Don’t let things slide: When your partner says or does something you don’t agree with or that upsets you, tell them. This doesn’t mean making a mountain out of molehill, but be sure to give things that upset you the energy that they deserve.

And the one time I told him about how I felt, how I thought that I feel like he's un-excited about us anymore, he started crying. Remember he's the man in the relationship, and he's the one getting down on one knee to you. I hope this help i am dating someone and I am at the same age as when u started to date him..... Make sure the tires in his car have enough air in them before he leaves town. Think to get her favorite flower once in a while, for no reason.

My question to you all is this: Does it seem like the precious element and excitement of being in love has vanished in our relationship? Moreover, how can I talk to my boyfriend about it without him getting angry or tear-ridden? And I feel like a 40 year old trying to savor a marriage. V r getting married next year...n he wants baby itseems so no planning... Fix the leak in the bathroom he’s been complaining about.

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I'm pretty old and I like to get a new boyfriend every 2 years so that you can always have someone who NEVER takes you for granted. It can seem that they are attacking you and you are the victim.

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