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Coupling lovers dating

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He fantasized about giving two lovers a special pair of glasses so that they could see how the other would look in 20 years’ time.

Another group of neurobiologists found that levels of hormones such as cortisol change upon falling in love and return to normal levels after 12 to 18 months.

Other researchers found that people in a relationship for 28.8 months on average appeared less intensely in love than those who had been in love for 7.4 months.

This ignores the fact that romantic passion dissolves over time. But most arrive at the same conclusion: it doesn’t last forever.

Nietzsche likened it to an engraving that fades when bare fingers continually touch it. A group of Italian scientists found that neuropeptides – molecules associated with the euphoria of love – returned to normal levels within 12 to 24 months of being in a romantic relationship.

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But from a Nietzschean perspective, strong-willed people enjoy the intoxication of loving, but have the big picture in mind: they realize the main criterion for choosing a long-term partner ought to be the ability to hold a decent conversation.