Cyberhook up

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Cyberhook up

: Hello everyone, and thanks for joining us for episode 73 of the Recorded Future podcast. Chris Wolski is director of information security and data protection at Perdue Farms, and he joins us to describe the unique intersection of cyber and physical systems he and his team help protect. : My first computer was a little Bally game system.

It came with a basic cartridge, and that’s how I started learning about programming.

Founded nearly a century ago as a “mom-and-pop” business with a small flock of chickens, today the company marks sales in excess of .5 billion a year and has over 20,000 employees. agricultural business best known for their processing of chicken, turkey, and pork, and is one of the top providers of grain.

Really, we want to make sure that we’re dealing with third parties that understand where we’re coming from as far as security, and that we can also understand what they’re having.

I could go and talk to others within the organization and, if necessary, I can backfill my supervisor. The other issues that we have are the awareness part of it. Everybody understands cybersecurity or has to understand cybersecurity as part of their job.

It’s nothing for me to be able to go talk to the CEO and say what’s on my mind and then backfill the CIO. It’s much easier to implement policy because it’s a “do as I tell you” mentality in the government, in the military.

I thought there was going to be a significant political difference between the two. It still exists in the private sector, it’s just how it’s handled that is different. The political games that you have play within an organization — a private organization such as Perdue — it’s more personal.

In the government, I felt that there was more hierarchy.

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Can you give us an idea of the scope of Perdue Farms from a cybersecurity point of view?