Dad dating much younger woman

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Dad dating much younger woman

But Ted, himself 25, loved Tricia's wit, generosity, and great looks. "When you're in your prime, she'll be an old lady," they moaned. (I know; "Tell me something that I don't know.") If a woman is more than five years older than her husband, a number of issues can sour the in-law relationship.

The 15-year age difference didn't matter to either of them – but it mattered a whole lot to Ted's parents. "You could have anyone you wanted; why would you marry someone old enough to be your mother? The envelope, please: Warning lights should flash when the bride is very young, (as in under legal age) and the groom is pushy.

My 42-year-old sister and her 30-year-old boyfriend-and me (34-years-old) and my 60-year-old husband.

My sister gets relatively no bunk about the relationship.

The important thing is we know she takes care of our dad and makes him happy.My relationship with my dad is still the same as it always was, my older sister feels the same.Mom was livid and bitter for like the first 2 years of my dad’s new marriage, eventually she got over it after seeing my sister and I accept our new stepmom.‘Now, we just laugh at it and completely be smart about the whole situation.‘The only time that I can say really shocked me was we went to a breakfast spot regularly in the weekends, and the waitress was like, “is that your daughter” ‘Eddie’s response was, “does it look like I can make a redhead?

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‘To anyone in an age gap relationship or curious about being with an older or younger person- go for it.

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