Dating a girl with the same name as your sister

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Dating a girl with the same name as your sister

Oh, there is one incredible benefit of him having the same name as my dad. For the last three years I've been dating a woman with the same name as my brother's ex-wife (no, not his ex-wife).It means Dad can't call him by the wrong name and make it look believable. Now the odds are pretty slim that I would date someone, well besides the fact that I'm a big loser at love, named Cinderella. Again, no problem, just some amusement among the family. I have noted in my own mind that if I ever do meet a woman with the same name as my mother - used to be more common, but has gone out of style - I will have to check in for therapy. My husband’s only sister has the same first name as I do. I plan on taking my FI”s name, so after our wedding we will have the same name (though with different middle names).Family gatherings are already a bit odd, as when someone calls “our” name, we both answer (it’s a name that doesn’t lend itself well to nicknames).Of course, as she is far too polite to ever admit such a thing, I’ll likely never know. I know that if the situation were reversed, I might feel that way. So the first person I think of when I think of that first name is my ex. Cliffy and I have been dating/married, I've probably called her Kathy less than a hundred times. I never knew my father (mom didn't either, really), but I did know his name.

I’m wondering if she will feel the same way, like I’m “stealing” her name.(Dad has always called my boyfriends by the wrong name. I did have a cursh on a girl in HS named Cindy, so I guess I wouldn' have an issue. I could never date anyone with my dad's name, but mostly because I hate the guy. My dad's name is Michael, but I don't think dating someone with that name would be a big deal. Everyone calls my mom by her nickname, which is not related to her given name, nor is it a common nickname (in fact, I doubt anyone else has that nickname).I dated one guy for three years and Dad never got the name right, but the second we broke up, Dad started calling him by the right name.) I once had a class with a girl with the same first AND last name as my mom (and it's not a common name at all). I think I'd get rather tired of having to explain how we're not related all the time... My sister is married to a fellow with the same name as me. My biggest crush in high school was on a guy named Michael, but there was no chance that I would have ever dated him, since he was gay. She's had the nickname since she was a little kid, so I really never think of her given name, although I do know it.And, after only two or three days, I've gotten a lot more used to calling my guy by his name and not thinking of Dad. I was dating a woman who had the same name as one of my sisters - pretty common name, no problem at all - and the two personalities were completely opposite, proving that the name itself was no signifier.I may get almost completely comfortable with it, but I doubt I'll ever be screaming out his name in the bedroom. Still, the relationship with that GF wasn't going anywhere, so...

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Around the time my son was born, we were staying with my parents for a short while. A couple of days after he was born, my sister answered the phone. I would like to speak to Mrs Dirty Hippy." "Umm, which one? My father and my stepfather both have the same first name.

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