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Dating an exotic dancer story

We get a lot of people who are looking for girlfriends. There's a lot of stigma, and as a result I don't think that the profession is on the same caliber as an accountant or any other “respectable” job. I show up, I go to work, I get ready, and I do my job dealing with people. There are co-workers that I like more than others, but I still have to work with them. DJ's and managers for the most part are men, though I have seen many more women becoming DJ's and managers.

Green: Do you think that people consider your job as an exotic dancer the same way they do the work of people with more conventional jobs? We face the same things that you would find in a traditional job, but most clients recently have been treating us as if we embody the stereotype. To be perfectly honest with you, you get both extremes.

I’ve tried different jobs throughout the years: a non-profit, a distribution center, and I even got promoted at the mall job. I just always ended up going back to dancing, because I wasn't happy with the way that management [at the other jobs] ran things. As long as I paid the club what I owed them, it wasn't a big deal. Liza: Every club is different, but there is an eight-hour shift at most of the clubs that I've worked at.

Green: You said that you’re free to work as much as you want as long as you “pay the club what you owe them.” What is that pay and fee structure like? You can be on the floor as much as you want or not.

Exact statistics about the dancers who work in them are hard to come by, though.

has thousands of strip clubs that, some reports say, collectively take in as much as billion every year.

Around [fall], things start to pick up considerably.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics includes these workers alongside other types of dancers and choreographers, such as ballet and tango dancers, and cites their median salary as .85 per hour.

series of interviews with American workers, I spoke with Liza, who requested that we only use her stage name, about how she became an exotic dancer, how the adult-entertainment industry is changing with increasing priority of the internet, and why people don’t consider her job respectable. I went about getting the job in an unconventional way.

I asked for the manager and said, “Look I'm a really good dancer.

I have dance experience.” I was a dancer since I was like four years old, and I had always been on a stage. It was terrifically embarrassing, but he gave me the job. If I went to work one day and I didn't really feel like working that hard, it was on me.

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There are a few clubs in Las Vegas where you can show up literally whenever you want and then leave.

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