Dating around

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"I have a little bit of a headache, and I do have an early-morning meeting with a client, so thank you so much for coming out and meeting me," she says."It's been a very interesting evening, but I think I might skedoodle, if that's cool."Unfortunately, men behaving inappropriately within minutes of a first date is a reality many, women face."I have stories for days," Amanda, a 25-year-old public relations manager, tells me before diving into a particularly horrifying account."One time, I met up for my very first date with a guy at a restaurant."Some men have been known to become defensive, confrontational, or violent when confronted.There's no way of telling what side of the line he could fall on.In episode three, we watch a gay man attempt to find love; the conversations that emerge from that about coming out are heartfelt and fascinating.

"I was leaving one guy's apartment after a terrible first date," she says.

Amanda gets it—because the unfortunate truth is that she, and so many women, have put up with inappropriate behavior on dates.

"I think if a guy's already willing to make those jokes so quickly and so confidently, it informs his power dynamic a lot," she says.

The series does seem to feature singles of all races and sexualities, with several gay couples and one woman even pointing out her and her date’s “culture clash.” But while watching beautiful people flirt is appealing, the best participant in this trailer is the first woman who tells her date, “I hope you’re not a serial killer,” because honestly that is too real.

But if I want beautiful singles having an awkward dialogue in a high production reality series, I’ll just re-watch Every episode, one single goes on five first dates filled with flirty banter, awkward exchanges, and moments of true connection. Netflix’s first original dating show takes an honest and compelling look at the real world of dating.

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When she does, she pads her reasoning for dipping out with kindness.