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It was only when zippers became less likely to break that they moved to a more visible area of the garment.

The back was also an easier method for inserting a zip by machine very quickly.

I have heard all of the stories about how people don’t like them, but I have also seen the ones from the folks who have everything adjusted right and love them. I’ll just have to re-jet the carbs and play with the idle once I do that.

I’ll keep a chronicle of my work here going forward, so we can look back and laugh… UPDATE 03 March 2014: Ok, I had last Friday off so I did a little work on the KZ.

Since the parts that I was expecting won’t arrive until today I went ahead and started prepping it.

In order to keep the hammer out of my hand, I kept thinking that this is an original part that is 35 years old.

If I don’t want to keep it then I’m sure there is someone else out there who may need one.

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One is Utah Cafe Racer (it has a great article on building cafe racers), and this forum has a great article on buying a used bike.

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