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Duncan Norvelle (non-broadcast pilot, as It's a Hoot!) Cilla Black (1985-2003) Paul O'Grady (2017-) Voiceover: Graham Skidmore (1985-2002) Tommy Sandhu (2002-3) Melanie Sykes (2017-) ITV2 coverage (Blind Date: Kiss & Tell): Sarah Cawood and Brendan Courtney (2002-3) LWT for ITV, 30 November 1985 to (356 episodes in 18 series) Blind Date: Kiss & Tell: LWT for ITV2, 12 October 2002 to So Television and Stellify Media for Channel 5, 17 June 2017 to present This show was every media student's dream for two reasons. Did you spot the way which Cilla patronized the females but didn't to the males?In 1999, Cilla turned up on the BBC's Comic Relief Red Nose Day marathon to present a game with Lenny Henry choosing between Twiggy, Helena Bonham-Carter and Elle Mc Pherson.The same year Channel 5 revived UK Blind Date with Paul O'Grady, TV3 launched an Irish version with Al Porter.

After introducing us to each of the three girls, each "looking for love", we were introduced with the "lucky fella" who would be going on a date with one of the said three females.

This was viewed on the sofa in the studio and whilst one person was talking (read: bitching) about the other, that person's reactions were shown in a cutaway in the corner of the screen.

This was the funniest moment of the show by far when they summed up at the end, the bloke will have said "I think I really love her and I hope we keep in touch" only for the woman to say "Well, I thought he was a bit of a prat really." Hilarity every time. At this point Cilla seemed to realise the show was on its way out, and so at the beginning of 2003 she revealed on the show that she was quitting at the end of Series 18 in May (surprising the production team in the process, apparently).

However, the envelopes containing the holiday locations all had the same place on them.

Hence, the choice of dates was effectively "rigged", but for good reason - an entire film crew had to go on the dates with the couple, and this took some significant advance planning.

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The short film of the week tended to show their good sides, but it was the bit afterwards that was the funny part.

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