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Dating for demons

Nonetheless, Colby did grow up a lot in this series.She went from a somewhat shallow typical cheerleader to becoming the Protector of other half-bloods and she certainly grew into that role.'cause here's the sitch: She's being judged by the company she keeps. But ancient languages are a different story, which is where my new tutor, Hunter, comes in.Which would be no biggie - if they weren't vampires... So what if his idea of a great study spot is the local graveya Good thing fitting in has never been Piper Prescott's thing. Ever since I staked that demon zombie - a no-brainer for someone like Colby, but seriously strange for living chicks like your truly - Hunter's been studying me.They were neighbors and were friends when they were younger but slowly grew apart as they grew up and all of a sudden, smack, they’re best friends.I mean, I loved Piper – she was great and added a certain spice and attitude to the series but still, why and how did they become friends all of a sudden? Yet, she was the one who stuck by Colby through thick and thin and overcame her tendency to hide in the face of danger to protect Colby when it counted.

Good thing fitting in has never been Piper Prescott's thing.

Colby's perky, blond, and the founder of a half-blood vampire sorority - while I love fried food and wearing black. Like dirt on Psi Phi and its undead sisters - plus those world-ending prophesies revolve around "The Protector", aka Colby. Booklikes or Blogspot**Basic Info Format: Paperback Pages/Length: 191pgs Genre: Young Adult; Vampire Reason For Reading: Challenge, finish series At A Glance Love Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?

: INSTACliff Hanger: No Triggers: n/a Rating: 1.5 stars Score Sheet All out of ten Cover: 6Plot: 4Characters: 0World Building: 4Flow: 5Series Congruity: 8Writing: 6Ending: 4Total: 3In Depth Best Part: Short! Thoughts Had: Dear l**Find this and other reviews, plus fun stuff, on my blogs!

The fact that her family and “best” friend, Piper, didn’t seem fazed by this fact is just absurd.

Colby is the main character in this series and she gets assaulted by this vampire, gets thrown off this ravine and becomes a vampire.

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