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Dating god

In Satan’s modern world, sexual attraction and loneliness are two common motivators behind dating—not that attraction is wrong. Dating is seldom about building a friendship, or serving another person.

Often, the end-goal in dating today is not to “give” to another person or even find a mate, but instead to fill one’s personal needs of loneliness and greed.

In Joshua Harris’ bestseller, (2003), he deftly describes many of the following mistakes made by dating couples today.

When we date to “get” and fill personal needs first, we are motivated by selfish and worldly reasons.

These basic, godly principles apply to every aspect of our lives, including the interesting, intriguing and challenging period of our lives when we are involved in dating. And are worldly dating practices different from what God expects of Christians?

Do God’s people ever inadvertently adopt and practice ways of dating that are contrary to godly principles?

Modern dating behavior typically begins in the early teenage years of 13 and 14, and results in most teenagers becoming sexually active.

Sexuality in the media has powerfully influenced teenage social norms and perspectives about dating.

Characteristics of Worldly Dating So, how does the world around us measure up to our responsibility to date God’s way?

And with no plan or purpose behind it, the relationship takes on a life of its own.

Then, while the relationship rapidly intensifies, more meaningful communication and deeper awareness occur.

Ultimately, worldly dating today consists of “undefined and directionless romance” (romance for the sake of romance, without a godly purpose) that frequently ends in heartache (Harris, , p. In today’s Satan-orchestrated world, tremendous confusion surrounds the topic of dating.

Sadly, that confusion frequently works its way into God’s Church, leaving many Christians with the same emotional scars that are inflicted on people in Satan’s world.

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And what happens once personal needs are met and a person realizes this “special someone” is not “the one” to spend “forever” with?