Dating how to play it cool

Posted by / 24-Oct-2020 12:57

You don’t want to seem too forward and clingy, but you also don’t want to push them away by seeming distant and cold.

If you can relate to this, here are 6 tips to help you play it cool when you start dating someone new.

They make you laugh, and you’ve had a few really fun dates.

You’re not in a relationship, but you want to see them again. It can be tough to get the balance right when you are dating someone new.

To help you know when to drop a line without desperation, here are three simple guidelines to follow: Give Him Room to Initiate The first couple months or so into a relationship are so crucial when it comes to communication because it allows you to filter out the guys who are just looking for something physical from those who want to pursue something deeper.

If you’re bombarding him with messages every which way, not only are you taking away his opportunity to work for your affection, but you may even be presenting him the opportunity to break your heart on a silver platter.

Reach Out When It’s Relevant Sending a cute text or making plans with someone you’ve just started seeing is by no means forbidden, but it should be considered carefully.

That casual coolness you hope to create at all costs known as “the game” should be stuff of the past, but there’s still that crucial factor that exists early on in helping to determine whether this new relationship is something to invest your time and heart in.If someone texts you and you don’t reply, it will just seem like you are ignoring them and they will stop texting you.Remember that it only takes a few seconds to see that you have a message, and it only takes a few minutes to reply!You might think, “I’m gonna play it cool so she chases me” or “I’m playing it cool because I don’t want to show her how much I really like her” or “I’m going to play it cool so she begs for my attention” or “I’m really busy, so I’m going to leave it to her to contact me”. The more she knows, the more she will open up and invest in you.There’s a few ways to make her invest, but playing it cool is not one of them. You need to create the opportunity for her to ask questions.

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The more time a girl invests in you, the more she’s going to open up to you, and the more she opens up, the more she’s not going to let you leave. It’s important that you be purposeful in letting her know that you are interested in pursuing her.