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Dating irishexaminer com

It’s the same as with couples where the male is a lot older.

Despite their near decade age difference, the pair connected instantly and soon went from workmates to soulmates.“Hormone replacement therapy is an option for some women and can address the above side effects but it doesn’t rectify the loss of testosterone,” says Dr Henchion. “Older women/younger men relationships fail for the same reason[s] that every other relationship fails ?There is a testosterone patch but it is not licensed for the treatment of menopausal women.” However, not being in the mood isn’t the only red flag waving for generationally mismatched couples when the male biological clock starts ticking. — eventually they have issues that they can’t work through.“The evolution that I’m seeing occurring with more rapidity is men in their mid-late 40s marrying women in their mid-late 60s.I have letters from women in their 80s who have suitors in their 60s — that’s when I know we have real change.” Self-confidence, single-mindedness and sexual prowess are just some of the qualities making older women more and more attractive to modern men in their prime, according to one new dating agency here.

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“For example, if the woman is 40 and the man is 25, it can all be very passionate and romantic.