Dating midlife crisis

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Dating midlife crisis

So when I’m in a dry spell and not meeting any men, when there are no possible relationships in my life, I think about or my ex. Dating dry spells can lead to the blues and self-pity. To counteract the blues, I learned that it helps to get busy, reach out to friends, do something new.That’s why even though I knew in advance that opening the GF’s Facebook page might trigger some emotional shakiness; I also knew any blue notes would be brief. If you liked this post or any past ones, subscribe to get regular email delivery of Dating, Sex, and Life in your 60s. More back story: this current GF is not the woman my ex took up with soon after we separated. The GF’s Facebook page had only a few photos and no pictures of my ex.A check of her “status” revealed she was “in a relationship” as of 2013.In fact, there are a growing number (in my anecdotal study) of couples where the women are a few years older than her lover. As I read about what brought these couples together, it is almost always based on mutual interests and a deeply held sense of knowing “this is the one.” So perhaps the first question you ask a potential date might be: what section of the paper do you read first? Imagine for a moment that your life is made up of a portfolio of activities.Much like a financial portfolio, think about how you invest your time now; then reconsider how much time and energy you actually want to invest in each area of your life.So it was pretty easy to confirm that my ex’s band mate and GF are one in the same. Join me in some warm fusilli salad while I fill you in.Although some divorced couples maintain communication, we don’t. Right after we divorced, I admit to some minor online stalking of my ex.

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