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Dating pick up artist

For years now I have been watching and warning my psychic readers about life coaches using NLP hypnosis techniques on their customers.

NLP techniques have been used more and more by psychics on video programs to manipulate people without your knowledge or consent.

At the heart of all the natural laws is Oneness of All. What we do to another, we do to ourselves and what we do to one, we do to all.

The selfishness and lack of regard for others in this pick-up artist scam is so extremely sad on so many levels, I just don't know where to begin.

You Tube is full of self-promotional videos where NLP techniques are subtly placed throughout the lecture to get you to buy products or sign up for training courses.

There have been plenty of articles on the web about how to secretly use covert hypnosis NLP methods to seduce women, and the pickup artists have borrowed heavily from them.

The amazing people of Melbourne were protesting the methods used by Blanc, which included sexually assaulting women in Japan by thrusting their heads into his crotch.

Years ago, when I was interning in NYC the summer before my senior year, he, yes, picked me up at a dark Lower East Side bar, leaning over with an opening line I’ve forgotten and a confident smile I haven’t.

It's not only an appalling, manipulating, misogynistic degradation of women, it's also a dangerous lie that could easily have unforeseen consequences when the lie does not live up to the money spent on it.

The selfish disregard for others found in pick-up artist philosophy and techniques, flaunts and corrupts the Natural Spiritual Laws, adding to the out-of-balance energetic disturbances in the life forces of our planet.

The real Universal Laws are about the love of all beings on our planet.

There would be no need to use any coercion or NLP hypnosis techniques if everyone followed the Universal Laws and simply treated people with respect.

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