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Dating quiz for men

But how do you feel about his overall physical appearance?

Few figures in popular culture are as polarizing as Kim Kardashian.

While her twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen continue to fade further into obscurity, Elizabeth Olson has recently starred in a string of hit movies thanks to her turn as the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, it’s way easier (and less awkward) to just sit behind the wheel of your car and send out a text when you arrive at someone’s house.

But is this really the impression you want to make at the onset of a first date?

Though a number of gender traditions seem to be fading into obscurity, most people still consider it proper for the man to pay for the first date. Or maybe you think that men should always be the ones to front the bill.

While you could always make the argument against dating someone that is overweight because you take your health very seriously, what about someone who is only carrying around an extra 10 - 15 pounds? Obviously, if someone walks in who is literally not the person that you saw online, you have every right to flee the scene.

But is it really appropriate to alienate a huge percentage of the population just for a few extra inches?

Ryan Gosling may be considered one of the smoothest and most attractive men in Hollywood.

But the longer you’ve been dating, the harder this becomes to keep up.

But let’s say you’ve gotten to know someone first and you’re a fan of their looks and personality, but then you find out that they’re driving around in an old beater. If you haven’t gone on a run or picked up a weight in years, yet you expect your date to be in tip-top shape, then we’d have to say that you’re a massive hypocrite.

Or maybe you’re extremely well-off and you can land a date no matter how you look.

While trying to impress, there’s a good chance that you’ll start overthinking every little thing you say and ever facial expression you make.

And everyone knows how embarrassing it is to find out that they’ve had something in their teeth the entire time. If you’re number one criteria for finding a potential partner is always based on looks, there’s a good chance that you’re setting your standards way too high.

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But how do you know if you're simply holding out for Mr. Right or if you actually have an over-inflated sense of yourself?

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