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I am aware of sites like adultfriendfinder etc., but would prefer to try a free site before I decide to put money into it (I'm a broke student).

Even if I wanted to spend money, I wouldn't know which site to choose.

It probably very much depends on age as well as social and educational background.

Edit: To clarify, I was talking about declaring a relationship only after months or a year of exclusive sex and also instant first date sex being the standard way to go.

I could tell you the secret, but if you couldn't figure it out yourself there is no point. In Germany, there is no hookup culture because of you like each other on the first date, or even before, you usually sleep with each other.

There is no expectation to start a long term relationship either, because in my experience you see each other for a couple of months to half a year before you declare it a relationship.

Please don't think that this means German girls are easy.

And don't think that there's porn on TV: Dana is referring to a time when some of the commercial channels used to fill their late-night weekend schedules with relatively tame soft porn.

Expats are far more likely to be single, from my personal anecdotal experience.

I have never used those before, so I dont really know where to look for those. POF and Okcupid are free, the german dating sites usually charge. The number of members isn't high, but at least it's free to use and still has more german members than POF. I haven't used it myself, but I used to work with someone who did meet people through it.

So yeah, tell me your experiences with online dating in Germany. What do you guys do if you're looking for casual sex / dating, but dont want to hit the bars etc.? Either for being able to fill in your profile, for being able to see the profiles of other members or to be able to contact other members. I don't know if it's anything like what you're looking for, but basic registration appears to be free.

Okcupid is still pretty cool, but in my city of 250000 people there are like 5 female members. Parship, POF, Okcupid, friendscout24 and a fifth one, can't remember the name.

Craigslist does also exist for Germany, but really nobody uses it. Also, a friend told me to just use regular chatrooms. All of them have very few members compared to what I've seen from US dating sites.

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While sex isn't a taboo, it's nothing which will come up in conversation. Otherwise, nudity isn't necessarily sexualized. Since you were in Munich you may have seen sunbathing in the nude in various parks. Every once in a while there will be a naked body on German news magazines. If they have a medical topic to report on, they may put nudes on the cover. And when it comes to sex the US has two extreme stances: one is the puritans that will tell that your hands grow fur when you masturbate and then there is the white trailer trash and such that is responsible that STDs have spread 2-10 times further in the US than they have in central Europe, where we teach kids: Have fun, but be responsible.

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