Dating vintage canniong jars

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Dating vintage canniong jars

The category of food (aka "culinary") bottles - including fruit/canning jars - is yet another very large group of bottles and jars with a very high degree of diversity of shapes and sizes as shown in the image above (Switzer 1974).

As with most of the other major bottle type categories covered on this website, the examples described and illustrated on this Food Bottles & Canning Jars typology page comprise a brief overview and sampling of the variety of food bottles produced during the era covered by this website - the 19th century through the middle of the 20th century.

I'd just LOVE to go through them with you if I were closer. Oh and I hope you don't fill in the root cellar either. Add all types of other vintage items to create lovely (exquisitely lovely) pieces. If you wanted to you could remove the lights, and they are regular canning jars again.

One prominent observer noted that "...bottles made for foods are quite numerous and, in fact, constitute a large portion of bottles made..." (Munsey 1970).

This is likely true in regards to the numbers of items produced which if included with the Medicinal, Chemical & Druggist Bottles types would certainly represent a majority of bottles produced since the early 19th century.

(This was during the Napoleonic War era and was done, not surprisingly, for military reasons.) Appert's experiments with the application of high heat along with the exclusion of air from a sealed container led directly to the development of a canning process in 1809 (and Appert's award of the prize money) that allowed for the relatively long term storage of animal and vegetable products in sealed containers of various materials (Munsey 1970; Roller 1983; Bender 1986; Jones 1993).

Appert's process involved the killing of the bacteria by heating followed by exclusion from further contamination in a sealed container, although the actual scientific reasons as to why the process worked were unknown at the time.

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We're remodeling the house, building a better life for us and our children. There's pecan trees, chestnut trees, pear, apples, blackberries and more. Also be sure and clean them well and I would suggest even sterilizing them by boiling them.

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