Dating violence cycle of violence

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Dating violence cycle of violence

“There is an array of emotions in a relationship between two people, all kinds of emotions, and it’s acceptable and understood,” said Marta Pelaéz, president and CEO of local nonprofit Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

Students from abusive homes viewed violence as negatively as students from nonabusive homes.

Many victims say that they feel that they are walking on egg shells.

* Explosion Phase – A violent outburst occurs which is usually carried out in a fit of self-righteous rage. After the assault, the abuser enters the next phase.*Remorse Phase – The abuser may feel ashamed or guilty or afraid of the consequences.

Texas ranks number two in the nation for call volume to the hotline and San Antonio ranks number four in the state behind Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

Another 2016 study by the American Educational Research Association shows that 10-25% of both male and female students in grades nine through 12 experience both physical and verbal abuse from a dating partner.

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These disturbing local trends echo at the national scale: in 2013, one in every five female high school students in the U. reported physical and/or sexual abuse by a dating partner, according to the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCVF).

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