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[YOU MAY WANT TO READ: How To Shake The Insecurities That Come From Being The Second Wife]Please, always respect the kids..

Remember, they didn’t sign up for divorced parents, two separate homes or new adults coming into their lives.

People often assume there was an affair Society presumes there is turf wars between you and the ex …That you're trying to take over, or that you resent the kids for being around.

In general, when it comes to stepmoms, society has a bit of a sour taste in its mouth It’s getting better, but it’s definitely still there!

It was a difficult thing to navigate because at that point, we hadn’t done the whole “meet the kids thing”Don’t put pressure on him.

You may feel awkward at events as the new girlfriend, especially around those who knew your boyfriend while he was married.

There can be a major transition period – just know it does pass – it does get better!

This is often the most frustrating thing for stepmoms.

It may be difficult for your boyfriend to find balance between you (his dating life) and them (his family life).

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