Dating yamaha saxophone

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Dating yamaha saxophone

This horn also is recognizable by its flared bell, rear low-B and Bb keys, and an underslung octave key similar to the King Super 20.Duke Ellington’s lead alto player Johnny Hodges performed throughout his career on the Buescher Aristocrat and 400.In 1947 silver bells were added as an option on the horns and manufacturing remained consistent until 1965 when company was sold to.As with many instrument models of all types, the early Super 20s (1950-1959) are the most desirable as the quality of materials and manufacturing degraded over time.Noted for their rich sound, these are the some of the earliest saxophones manufactured in the United States.The first model introduced by the Buesher was the True Tone saxophone, followed by the popular Aristocrat series in the early ‘30s.Eleven years later, the famed alto and tenor King Super 20 models were introduced to great success with the Super 20 baritone following in 1960.

Although the brand essentially disappeared after its acquisition, these vintage horns are highly valued among saxophonists.These horns featured rolled tone holes, low-B and Bb keys on the inside of the bell, previously they were split on different sides, an enlarged pinky spatula for better facility and the underslung octave key.These horns commonly are referred to as the ‘naked lady models’ because of the engraving of a woman on the bell.The Conn New Wonder, introduced in the 1920s, was the brand’s first model of note and was unofficially dubbed “the Chu Berry” after tenor saxophonist Leon ‘Chu’ Berry.In the early ‘30s, Conn began transitioning to the now-famous M series.

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Conn M saxophones, while often requiring more maintenance than other horns, offer some of the fastest key action you'll find anywhere.

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