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Dht nodes updating

The solutions for creating identifiers that we have in place today, particularly DNS, HTTP, and URLs, are powerful tools that have scaled the Web to the billions of people that use it today.However, as the Web expands and becomes more personal, there is a growing need for a type of dereference-able identifier that can be created and owned by people and organizations without the need for a central organization or federation of organizations to control the namespace.The actual email address and passphrase are not stored in the Web DHT.The following algorithm specifies how to register an alias to a decentralized identifier in the Web DHT.The mechanism for generating a DID is likely to change to one based on a cryptographic hash of a public key.Once an identifier is claimed, the key used is not necessarily significant, unlike in systems that use blockchain technology, ie: the key can sign a change to the DID document granting authorization to other keys, such that the loss of the original claiming key does not result in the loss of control over the identity.A number of data survivability considerations are listed and analyzed below with respect to the algorithms provided in this document.In order to survive a number of attack scenarios, it is best to have the storage node addresses and storage and mirroring locations be chosen in a way that is not under the control of the storage nodes (or any party), but rather, for example, controlled by an algorithm that must be properly implemented for the network to function.

One possible technology that may be used is a security hardened version of Kademlia DHT algorithms that have gained widespread use in peer-to-peer systems like tracker-less Bittorrent networks.An attacker may target a particular individual or organization in the Web DHT to prevent that target from interacting with the broader network.Some of the protections to prevent this sort of attack include deterministically selecting storage node and data addresses in a way that makes it infeasible to spoof information on the network.When creating DID document entries in the DHT, it is useful to also create aliases for those entries to enable human-based lookup of identifiers.For example, enabling the lookup of a decentralized identifier using an email address and passphrase would help people bootstrap the discovery process using information that is easy for them to remember.

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In computing, Chord is a protocol and algorithm for a peer-to-peer distributed hash table.