Does updating iphone delete voice memos

Posted by / 01-Jul-2020 10:35

After a quick assessment, I decided to go with another solution as all in all, it seemed more transparent and promising, less time consuming and with an acceptable risk for me.

Idea and big picture: Extract the lost voice memos from an old i Phone backup in i Tunes, ideally the latest backup before the release/installation of i OS 12, i.e. Disclaimer 1: Although the following tips worked fine for me, I can’t guarantee they’ll work for you too – you follow these steps at your own risk.

If you’ve got storage space to spare and you like having high-quality audio in your archive, go with the Lossless option.

There are two available options right now – Compressed and Lossless.

If you don’t mind the potential risk of a failed data merge and don’t object backing up your i Phone to i Cloud, you could alternatively try this.

Voice Memos is one of the few apps in i OS 12 that was completely redesigned. There are a couple of awesome new features added behind the scenes.

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Visit Stack Exchange Besides using i Phone backups via i Tunes (explained more here and here) there are applications you can download that will allow you to navigate your i Phone and files that you are not allowed to normally access.

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Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem generally provides a fantastic UX by tight integration, relatively good usability (compared to most competitors) and good services and support.