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All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web.

Some websites require a subscription to access some or all of their content.

Your Word Press theme has a CSS file that holds all of these style rules.

This tool actually gives you the power to make CSS changes to any website you’re browsing!

This means you could do something crazy, like go to the New York Times and change all the text to blue!

Now before you get too excited, this only changes the website for you, not everyone else. You can learn how to customize your wordpress theme CSS files without any risk, on any website, including your own of course.

For Google Chrome, Dev Tools is on by default, you just need to toggle the window for it. Press , and check the box for “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” Once you’ve turned that on, you can use the same keyboard shortcuts mentioned above to toggle the window. You’ll notice a subtle border above and below the navigation menu. Open up your inspector tools using the keyboard shortcut I mentioned above and look for a small spyglass icon in the lower left hand corner of the panel. Now, start hovering your mouse cursor around the actual webpage. If you hover carefully you can even drill down a bit inside some of the elements.

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