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So then why put yourself through that kind of stress?

You’re fucking awesome and if the other person can’t see that, that is THEIR problem, not yours.

But just because that might be what we are ultimately seeking, it doesn’t mean that we are seeking that TODAY or more importantly, that we would try to seek that with YOU.

THE CHASING GAME Let me ask you something: if you knew that someone only had a little interest in being around you, would you continue to hang out with them on a regular basis? If you haven’t been a chaser at least once, then you’re likely either a sociopath or a fucking robot and neither is particularly appealing.There are plenty of fish in the sea (except on Plenty of Fish, that website is a fucking ” cliché.I think most people are ultimately looking to settle down and live a happy, fulfilling life with a person they love, right?If you’re the chaser, you need to seriously ask yourself if the person you are chasing is A) actually into you and B) worth your time.The hard truth is that if you’re doing a lot of pursuing or cat and mouse, the answer is probably a resounding no.

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It’s really this simple: because men are so quick to give women attention, they make themselves highly dispensable. The gender roles can absolutely be reversed in this example but generally speaking, I find women to be in this position more than men.

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  1. Maybe you struck out at the singles market AKA the local bar or club and you just need to bust a quick nut... Or maybe you develop feelings for one or more of your buddies well then you need to decide whether to pursue a relationship or just keep a fucking buddy!