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Fart chat

So we are chillin doing some art crap, i remember cutting some paper mishay. I'll tell two of my favorite fart stories When i was in 5th grade. And after trying to hold it in for the longest time (it was gonna be a huge one and a loud one).My mother's friend had this incredible blast, turned around to look directly into the eyes of Saint Lady, and loudly said, "Who did that?!

So, one weekend we were watching TV and Neil must have farted some 3 times in 10 minutes." He almost died laughing when I said that my sinuses haven't been the same since! This one happened to me thanks to my obnoxious cousin who is notorious for pulling shit like this on family and I was stupid enough to fall for it.I'm talking on the phone to my friend when he comes up to me & asks me if I could help him get some stuff from the closet.She looks over at us like, " uhhh Pike boys, come help me out".So me an the two other Pikes do rock paper scissors to see who had to go up and save her.

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He ordered Chicken Fettucini Alfredo, while I ordered Turkey Devonshire.