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As for the actual activities and things to do on a first date, look to make the first date experience fun and unique.Meeting for a drink at a bar can be fine, but meeting at a bar that has pool, darts, or even karaoke can be more fun.And certainly don’t wait for her to “make a move” and take things to the next level (she might, but often she’ll want you to do it).You want to take charge and be the leader throughout the date.Rather than trying to “get a woman to like you”, get a second date, or take her home, put more focus into finding out whether or not this is the type of girl you would even want to like you, date you, or sleep with you.Hold higher standards from what you want out of the women you date, and you will naturally come across as more selective and high-value.

If an awkward silence comes, or you are not sure what to say or do, don’t dart your eyes around looking for help.

Or guide her by the small of the back as she walks through a doorway.

By mixing touch into your date you will be able to both show her you are interested while building the sexual tension that exists between you.

First dates can have a lot of tension, especially early on.

So an important thing to do on a first date is to relieve that tension and get things rolling on a positive note. By doing these two things: First, be sure to project confidence when meeting the woman at the start of the date. Let your muscles relax and avoid releasing energy through fidgeting or any other unnecessary and uncontrolled movements.


But if you mess that first date up, there’s a good chance you won’t even get the chance to see her again.