Funny christian dating video largest singles personals dating

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Funny christian dating video

Next time you are trying to make someone laugh, try out one of these lines.

Everyone has that aunt that always has a bible verse for every situation.

If you have ever tried raising a toddler, you will laugh knowing at the struggle these kids are having.

Think that all Christian music is the same these days? This video will make you laugh at the Christian rock music stereotype. If so, then you will know what it’s like to be a young adult in the Christian world.

This video shows what it would be like if the average normal church-member did these things in real life, too.

They lead to some hilarious interactions that will leave you in tears. This funny instructional video shows you all the silly and funny things that you should never do in church.

They use these perfect Christian pick-up lines, of course!

This funny skit pokes fun at “Christian language” and silly stereotypes.These 6 videos only break the ice on all of the Christian comedy that is out there on-line!These are my 6 favorite videos and I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have!The Inspirational Video Collection, a family friendly website, specializes in inspirational videos, funny videos, Christian videos, Youtube and Godtube videos through free video online.This website is designed with you in mind;to lift your spirit with funny video and humor, to encourage you through inspirational video, to give you hope through encouragement and spiritual truth, to give you understanding of Christian faith, and to give you Go to the site, then click on the start button.

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God definitely has a sense of humor that He has given to all of us.

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