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I think he was the best actor of his generation but, unfortunately, he died too young.His film legacy and his magnificent aura, however, live on forever."My Own Private Idaho" is a poetic and bittersweet road movie, and Van Sant's masterpiece.

Waters suffers from narcolepsy and can fall asleep at any moment and in almost any circumstance.

For all the artificial prettiness, this is without a doubt a highly disturbing viewing experience.

In the end, some of it seemed too random (what was the point of the "Benny" character or the kiss in the shower?

However two of the students plan to do something that the student body won't forget.

When Elias exits the darkroom, the director takes a lot of care to show how real photographers shake their film and tap it on the counter twice.

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The killers are no more perceived as two victims having revenge of the bullied, but rather two disturbed boys who kill because they want to "have fun".

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  1. Always have a public first date - It's understandable, if you haven't "come out" yet, you want to protect your secret, but remember that your life and well-being come first.