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Henry kingi dating

Her final role was to appear in an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, the popular program featuring Lee Majors as the bionic-limbed secret operative Steve Austin.Wagner initially intended to turn down the part that would become her big break.In 2004, she co-founded the Peacemakers Community, a group dedicated to preventing domestic violence. She has two sons, Dorian (born 1982) and Alex (born 1986) with her third husband, stuntman Henry Kingi, whom she met on the set of The Bionic Woman.While continuing to act (mostly in low-profile TV movies), Wagner also travels the United States and Europe leading a series of workshops and retreats.Resigning Wagner for a salary ten times her original contract, Universal revived her character for another series of episodes.

In total, Wagner has appeared in over 40 TV movies, five miniseries, and 12 feature films.She appeared in several television commercials, and as a hostess on Hugh Hefner's talk show, Playboy After Dark.In 1971, Wagner signed with Universal Studios as a contract player.He was previously married to Lindsay Wagner and Eilene Frances Davis.Has two sons, Dorian Kingi (born 1982) and Alex Kingi (born 1986) from his former marriage to actress Lindsay Wagner.

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Earning $162 per week, Wagner made her TV debut that same year in an episode of the police drama Adam-12.

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