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Benefit: You can make one Intimidate skill check each round as a free action, but only to demoralize an opponent in combat.

As a move-equivalent action, you can try to demoralize all opponents you threaten in melee combat. It is covered by the Open Game License v1.0a, rather than the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3.

Daunting Presence is even worse, in that it doesn't even allow you to make an attack.

So as a general rule, if you are playing a melee class look for feats and class abilities that can be applied to every attack, and avoid feats and class abilities that require a Standard Action (Unless its very powerful.

That would make for efficiency right there, and push it above Daunting Presence in usefulness at higher levels. And that's not counting extra attacks from a Speed effect, natural weapons, two weapon fighting, whatever.

Just using a mundane full attack action at 6th level gives you 2 attacks. But using Intimidating Strike is a Standard Action, which allows you to make a single attack.

Intimidating an opponent in combat is a standard action.

It is our intent to work within this license in good faith.

Intimidating Strike (from PHB2) and Daunting Presence (from Libris Mortis) seem to serve a similar combat role (make an opponent shaken for a long time), but I can't figure out which one works better for a Charisma-heavy debuffer (i.e. I'm not interested in stacking fear effects, making the enemy frightened or panicked...

Taking an action(either actively, or by making you less likely to hit at levels when you can't afford a -1), is generally worse than something that's less powerful, but is either a Swift, Move, or automatic action. Saph: It's surprising how many problems can be solved by one druid spell combined with enough aggression. I see what you mean, but would that make an argument in favor of Intimidating Strike, since it's part of an attack?

Could you combine an Intimidating Strike with other attack-changers, such as Power Attack (and thus Brutal Strike) or Netherese Battle Curse?

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You also might want to consider Netherese Battle Curse, Brutal Strike, and Combat Panache, which also debuff your enemy without pushing the auto-win button. When I say "low level," I mean "REALLY low level," as in levels 1-3.