Intp dating tips

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Intp dating tips

Ancient Greeks The ancient Greeks had particular ideas about people’s personalities.

They believed that the way people were depended on their humor and that that’s what was the most dominant in their bodies.

However, they would enjoy applying their critical thinking to analyse a patient’s condition through data.

INTPs have an innate gift to spot trends and see underlying macro-issues that are affecting the industry or the business environment.

An introvert can be around others and enjoy being around people for some time, but they need time on their own to decompress as well.

If somebody had sanguine blood, they were happy, and they were a passionate person.

These interactions engage the INTP and help them to grow.

On the other hand, they may not enjoy working with people whom they deem to be less intelligent than them.

This work allows them to work alone and conceptualise new software or IT system that is a notch up from current systems.

The jobs that may attract them are: INTPs have great intellectual curiosity and love research.

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They are also able to spot flaws and loopholes in existing systems and come up with innovative and creative solutions.

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