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(Unless you’re planning on wearing it purely as a fashion accessory, which – no – you’re not.) Unlike corded headphones we’re all used to, you don’t just plug your Bluetooth directly into your phone.You need to first teach them to be friends and recognize each other when they meet again.The key thing to understand is that your Bluetooth headset isn’t constantly ready to connect, and your phone isn’t always scanning for new Bluetooth devices to connect to.To pair the two, you have to put your headset into so-called “pairing mode” (ugh) and to tell your phone to actively scan for new Bluetooth devices.That’s just the unfortunate reality of living in a world where stuff is competing for invisible radio frequencies.If you have a Jabra headset, you can search for it here to find specific things you can try to improve its audio.

If you can’t even connect your Bluetooth headset to your phone, it’s pretty useless, isn’t it?

The Motorola H700 is a Bluetooth headset that enables hands-free chatting on your Bluetooth-compatible phone, and connects to your mobile phone via pairing.

According to the Motorola manual, you may need to restart the device if your Bluetooth headset is not allowing you to talk using the headset.

Unfortunately, “something solid” can often be your own body.

If Bluetooth seems to drop off occasionally, try placing your phone and your headset on the same side of your body.

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Most new Bluetooth headsets have NFC in them, which makes the process approximately 99% simpler.

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  1. There's a growing body of research to support this idea, and the latest piece of evidence is a paper by Josué Ortega at the University of Essex in the UK and Philipp Hergovich at the University of Vienna in Austria, cited in the MIT Technology Review.