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Javascript function for validating radio buttons

But, to get the values from a form field that supports multiple selections, like a group of checkboxes, you need to utilize the loop statement as shown in the example above (line no-14 to 21).

Also, to check whether the format of input data is correct or not we've used the .

You can customize7 these form elements using CSS, Java Script or inline HTML tag properties.

Most webmasters need some customizations to their forms, and this is where Java Script comes in handy.

In the example script, there are three questions and each question has two radio buttons to select an option.

Well, let's create an HTML file named "application-form.html" and place the following code in it, then save it somewhere on your system.

Now we're going to create a Java Script file that holds our complete validation script.

user's system) using Java Script before passing it onto the web server for further processing.

Client-side validation is also helpful in creating better user experience, since it is faster because validation occurs within the user's web browser, whereas server-side validation occurs on the server, which require user's input to be first submitted and sent to the server before validation occurs, also user has to wait for server response to know what exactly went wrong.

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Well, let's create a Java Script file named "validator.js" and place the following code inside it, then save it at the same location where you've saved the previous HTML file.