Jhoos dating messanger

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Jhoos dating messanger

Jhoos is the only free dating service online which does not require a subscription fees to register and use the service.

Combined with search facilities to quickly locate singles and like minded people and hobbyists in a area, it also offers text chatting like popular messengers.

Advertising markets are more volatile and more reactive than most and they always amplify economic recessions for fundamental factors.

First, marketing spending is the easiest cost to cut in the short term when managers are anxious to limit operational losses.

But the maths are obvious: if your revenues fall by 10 per cent and all other costs (rentals, payroll, etc) are fixed in the short term, one of the few disposable expenditures is advertising, and, since it is relatively small at the scale of the company, the cut has to be much higher than 10 per cent to make any significant impact on the bottom line.

It is easy to be cynical and say that if marketers did really believe in the power of advertising they would actually increase spending in tough times.

Jhoos is promoted by Astute Software INDIA and can be downloaded at

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To add onto the features it also offers Video and Audio based chat on VOIP framework thereby making dating and communicating much easier than before.

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