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Not the best first impression I guess (if you’ve watched the film you’ll know what I mean), but hey I’m a risk taker and love trying something new, so convinced my (also vegan and single) housemate to come along, and the plan was set.

The Vegan Speed Dating events take place at Coach and Horses in Soho, which is London’s first vegan & vegetarian pub – the perfect location to hold something!

Once 5pm comes your preferences are set – if the other person has also chosen you as a yes/friend then there is the option to message them to continue the conversation (unless you swapped numbers the night before, that is) In a world full of online dating apps, and social networks, the idea of 15 real life, short dates in one evening was rather appealing.

I also thought it was a good way to catch up on all the dates I didn’t even bother to try and make in 2018 because rather than going for a drink with someone new on my one free night I week, I always opted for a night at home cuddling a cat, watching Netflix (and sometimes even blogging – although I know I did neglect that a little, too).

The botanical blend is rather traditional and unsurprising— it is after all based on what would have been widely and easily available on the British market in the 1760’s.

It includes almond, licorice, coriander, lemon, cassia, angelica, orris root and juniper sources from Saxony. There’s a touch of angelica rounding out then mild juniper with a pine and herbaceous facet.

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I have used Groupon and booked the event through email, one day before the company changed the location, when I asked to reschedule when the original location would be available, they said more noticed was needed! 4 great london venues, free entry, free shots and discounted drinks, what more could you ask for! Hi Kelvin, I'm sorry to hear you think that we are a scam, of course we are not.

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Bombay Dry Gin is based on a recipe that traces its origins back to the middle 18th century.

However, the product itself actually launched in 1960.

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