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What is interesting is that each father has their own struggles and issues regarding being a dad in some way.

Being a great role-model, being responsible, disciplining your children and just trying to be a good parent.

Including a little more story in regards to the issue of being a single parent trying to date could have added more meaning to the game. Fans have gathered on the game’s Steam community board to discuss this supposed secret ending, trying to find clues within the story, reading into the game’s dialogue and some fans even dipping into the game's code to find a darker side underneath its charming and loveable exterior.

At the time this review has been written nothing has been released so far regarding a secret ending, but if there is then it would be a welcoming addition to the story and add some flavor to a sweet but mild narrative.

A dating simulator where you play as a dad who can hang out and date other dads.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator turns bro-mances into romances.

For example, what if your child doesn’t get along with your boyfriend’s kids or even the boyfriend himself.

One of the men you can date is Amanda’s teacher but there is little conflict with this issue and is hardly addressed.

It's understandable that However, there is little to no interaction between your daughter and the men you are dating.

It's a dating sim that features mini games, multiple endings and a dad character creator where you get to customize your character.

Although the story has some issues it does touch upon ideas about fatherhood and responsibility within its silly and charming exterior.

However, there is little to no interaction between your daughter and the men you are dating.

The game, again, could have addressed some interesting conflicts with a single parent who is dating.

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