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Postcard dating

Tichenor Brothers in Cambridge, Massachusetts also produced many cards in this era.

Many important events and scenes in history are documented by these cards.

Stamps illustrated are the common issues for the relevant 'postcard rate' of the period.

Multiples of lower value stamps were often used, as were stamps higher than the required amount.

The first government-produced postcard was issued on May 1, 1873.

One side of the postcard was for a message and the other side was for the recipient’s address.

We hope you find this guide useful but it should be used with caution, stamps in circulation could (and can!

) still be used after being superceded by later issues and equally 'old' postcards could be sent using more recent stamps.

Today deltiology, or the collection of postcards, is a popular hobby.

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It is also important to keep in mind that postcard types produced in one period could also be produced in another, but were simply not produced in the same volume as other card types of the period.

Before postcards, some people sent cards through the mail with attached postage.

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On February 27, 1861, the US Congress passed an act that allowed privately printed cards, weighing one ounce or under, to be sent in the mail. Charlton (other places seen as Carlton) copyrighted the first postcard in America. Lipman began reissuing Charlton’s postcard under a new name: Lipman’s Postal Cards.