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Spray whipped cream (or any other food) all over someone in the group and eat it off of them 41. Masturbate in front of the group (or just your partner) 43. Take off your partner’s bra (or nearest woman’s) using only your teeth 52. Pull up your favourite porn site your phone right now.{ 54. Give head to the person next to you for 2 full songs 58. Let your partner rub your inner thighs, but don’t let yourself get hard 60. You must do everything the group says to do for 10 minutes 61.

[Read: How to romance and turn a girl on with tricky touches and words] 32. With no bottoms, spoon your partner until the next round 38. Take and ice cube and run it up and down your partner’s body until it is melted 40. Make love with your partner for 3 minutes only (must stop after 3 minutes) 51. Put a hickey on the inner thigh of the person to your left 57.

In the sections below there are different questions for each age group or party type.

One of the reasons for dirty truth questions or the sexual dare questions or generally dirty truth or dare questions is for fun of finding out more about yourselves as adults or couples, exploring more sides to life.

The dirty truth or dare can be fun, sensual and adventurous especially with the right dirty truth or dare questions whether its a game or over text.

Take a picture of each other’s sexual body part 16. Find her nipple with your tongue and lick it romantically 20. Kiss your partner’s feet all the way up to the upper thigh 23.

It doesn't matter if it’s been a while since you played a game of Truth or Dare or if you’re a true veteran—playing it with a crush, significant other, or spouse is a great way to take the game to a whole different, naughty level!

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It pushes the limits of intimacy and welcomes new surroundings of pleasure for the players of this game though the questions might get crazy or embarrassing.

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