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Then he began to fuck her with his fingers, slowly stretching her pussy but never once did she cease to squeeze him tight – so tight it almost hurt him.He bent his face toward her pussy and bit her clit just barely – but she still shoved her hips into his face and screamed with the pleasure and pain of it.But all he had wished for recently was to bury his cock inside Rosia's little pussy and fuck her for all he was worth. He loved how she said "to her" instead of "with her." He nodded – he was a teacher being taught by his student.

As he pulled her little pink pussy lips into his mouth he slowly slid one finger into her wet pussy. He pushed his finger all the way into her little pussy and curled it around her g-spot, which made her moan and clench her pussy muscles around his finger even harder than they already were.He pinched her nipples one at a time, and then licked circles around the little hard nubs with his tongue.His hands slipped down from her breasts to her tiny waist, and then to her womanly hips which he forcefully grabbed and pulled towards him, pressing their bodies even closer together. Rosia replied by using her calves to pull him closer to her body. " This time he licked her pussy so slowly it was almost painful for her to wait.He grabbed her thick ass with his hands and her little feet came off the floor a little, but his strong arms wouldn't let her fall.His tongue parted her full, red lips and brushed against and underneath her tongue.


He shaved maybe once a week, maybe less, and his hair did that "I just fell out of bed and looked this good" thing that only a very handsome man can pull off. Velasquez's dick jumped and strained even more beneath his pants.

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